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Since 1991

Our clients leverage
Technology to gain a
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ADS Cloud
100% Uptime
Hosted at Switch Las Vegas

Built on vCloud Director
Customizable, Reliable, Secure


Hyper Convergence with

Guaranteed 10 to 1 Storage Gains
Replicate to your DR site
as fast as every 15 minutes


We Teach IT Security
and Auditing to the
CIA, FDIC, ISACA and Deloitte

Virtualization and
Active Directory



ADS Consulting Group Partners with SimpliVity

Next Generation Hyper Convergence with SimpliVity. With a SimpliVity Cluster implementation we can replicate data to the DR site every 15 minutes!

Windows 2016 is Coming!

The next generation of Windows Server should be released by the end of the year. Check out our blog that summarizes the latest features.

Supercharge your SAN

Give your SAN Solid State Drive (SSD) performance with Pernixdata. Reduce the IOPS Load on your SAN, reduce latency, and significantly increase your application's performance.