Exchange is an Enterprise Email solution from Microsoft.  It has integrated email, scheduling, contacts, and tasks.  It integrates extremely well with SharePoint.  It has built-in support two-way synching for Mobile Devices so you can always have access to your email.  We support on premise Exchange, hosted Exchange and Exchange running in ADS Cloud.  We have designed Exchange infrastructures that have over 10,000 active email users on their Exchange Servers. 


SharePoint is a customizable web portal from Microsoft.  It can be used to create an internal knowledgebase, collaborate on complex projects, shared calendars, event trackers and contacts.  All content uploaded to a SharePoint portal is full text searchable which allows users to quickly find content on the portal.  This website was created with SharePoint and a custom template which allows us to easily maintain content on the web page.  We support both on premise, ADS Cloud and Office 365 SharePoint deployments.


SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft's Database solution.  It is used as the database for many Enterprise Resource and Planning packages.  Because it's an open database you can use a variety of Front End applications like Access, SharePoint, Visual Studio, and Crystal Reports to access the information in the database.  We have extensive experience with SQL Server and can assist with troubleshooting, backup, restore, query optimization, database maintenance and table design.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services are used to speed up performance for remotely accessed applications.  It gives users local performance even when an application is remotely accessed.  We use RDS servers in our ADS Cloud service to ensure that users can access their applications from anywhere at anytime.  This gives companies the flexibility for flexible employee schedules when working from any location that has an Internet connection.  RDS servers can support up to 90 concurrent users.


Skype for Business

Formerly know as Lync, Skype for Business adds enhanced new features.  It includes instant messaging, Voice Over IP (VOIP) integration and Online Meetings. It integrates with other Microsoft Servers like Exchange and SharePoint.  It will read your schedule from your Exchange Calendar and display your availability status.  It shows presence - showing your availability at any given time.  We support both on premise, ADS Cloud and Office 365 Skype deployments.