Don't Fall for this Email Phishing/Extortion Scam that includes your email address and password

There is a relatively new scam going around the Internet which includes your email address and password. The email claims that they have information about your recent visits to adult sites, has video of you doing "nasty things," that your computer is compromised with a key logger and unauthorized Remote Desktop Control Access. It demands payment in Bitcoin ranging from $3000 to $6000. If you don't pay the ransom, the email threatens to distribute embarrassing video to your friends, co-workers and close relatives. Of course, this email is a scam! But how did hackers get your password?

On the Dark Web there are a number of lists that already contain your email address and password. The hackers wrote a script which includes your email address and password and then sent the disturbing email. Typically, the password that is sent in the email is really old and hopefully no longer in use. Complete the following steps to keep yourself safe on line:

  1. Change your password now! If you have any logins that still use this same password change your password now!
  2. Enable Two Factor Authentication. For any site that supports it, enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Perform a Dark Web Scan. Perform a FREE Dark Web Scan for your company's domain by going to and click on Free Dark Web Scan. We will send back a report that will show you where your company's domain shows up on the Dark Web.

We have a number of clients (including us) that have received this email.  Complete the above steps to keep yourself and your company safe online.


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