Success Stories Long Term Relationship

Back in 1992 our client heard Alan Sugano give a presentation on Server selection. 

  1. ADS was selected as the City's IT Vendor.  Based on this talk we were invited to bid on the City's IT Upgrade Project. 
  2. Connecting City Buildings.   All of the other companies proposed using T1s to connect up the City Buildings, but we suggested using a new technology (at the time) called wireless.
  3. Significant Savings.  With had the same speeds as the T1s and saved the city $36,000 per year in annual telephone company charges. 
  4. Continual Improvements.  Over the years we've made continual improvements to the City's IT Infrastructure.  This includes server upgrades, wireless, virtualization and mobile data computing in the Police Cars
  5. Fiber to City Buildings.  The latest project includes connecting all of the City's Building with Fiber.
  6. SimpliVity Cluster.  We're in the process of installing a SimpliVity Cluster in their Production and Disaster Recovery Sites which will replicate their data every 15 minutes.