Well Versed, Fast Response, Easily Accessible

ADS Consulting Group is well-versed in IT, whether you have questions around software, security, or infrastructure.  Their response time is quick and easily accessible for any follow up questions. 

Don't think twice and use them.  At the very least, allow them to handle a small project to start and work your way up. 


David Aryan
A&A Global Imports
Los Angeles CA


No Downtime, Easy Migration, Trust Tour data With ADS Consulting Group

 It’s very costly to maintain and upgrade the servers on-premise.  Since our migration, the server has been up and running consistently without issues or downtime.  Glad we went with ADS Consulting Group to run our servers. 

 Their service and support are excellent, and we never have any downtime.  ADS Consulting Group’s staff is prompt to return calls and are readily available.  The transition to our ADS Cloud server was smooth and without any issues.  We encountered some issues with other Cloud providers, and their support was poor. 

 I’ve worked with ADS Consulting Group for over 20+ years, and their Network Engineer knowledge is at the highest level.   There are many IT providers out there that claim to provide great service but fall short or lack knowledge.  You can trust ADS Consulting Group with your confidential data.

  Jay Nakamoto
Gardena, CA


Peace Of Mind, Hourly Backups, Redundant Everything

We have peace of mind knowing that our servers are in a secure facility with the redundant power, IT infrastructure, cooling, and hourly backups required to keep our system always running with peak efficiency. 

ADS Cloud provided a highly thought out implementation topped with top-notch customer service, quick response time for support requests, and proactive ethics. 

This sets ADS Consulting Group and ADS Cloud apart from anyone else.  You won't find another company that will design, implement, and maintain your network with as much knowledge and attention to detail as ADS Consulting Group. They are Number One in my book.  I was lucky to find them.


Danny Hernandez, IT Manager
Case Parts, Monterey Park, CA

Friendly Hands-On Service, Available 24x7, No Call-In Queues

The best benefit is the friendly hands-on service that’s available 24x7 from ADS Consulting Group.  There is no large call queue or email queue. It’s always an instant response with instantaneous action.  You’re buying a complete package when you use ADS Cloud. The ADS Cloud Service gives Concierge Level assistance and guidance.

You can pay anyone to use their cloud services, but you won’t get the knowledge, expertise, and service you get with ADS Cloud and ADS Consulting Group. 


Adam Slutske,
Vice President
Century Shower Door
Torrance, CA


ADS Consulting Group Has Your Best Interest In Mind

By far, the most significant benefits of ADS Consulting Group is their knowledge and experience. We rely on them to fill our knowledge gaps and provide insight to our small team on major projects and everyday operations. 

ADS Consulting Group is a trusted partner for us. Whereas other firms may not have your best interest in mind or make you feel less than a priority, they will work with you to accomplish your goals in the way that works best for you. 

We trust ADS Consulting Group to have our best interests in mind.  You won’t regret choosing ADS Consulting Group for their outstanding professionalism and expertise. 

Adrian Smith,
IT Manager
City of Cypress,
Cypress, CA

Peace of Mind, Expertise, and Consistent Service

Peace of mind is the primary reason we use ADS Consulting Group and their ADS Cloud Service. They have a broader understanding and expertise, especially in security and networking, compared to other firms. 

We receive consistent service and quick support, and we haven’t suffered any downtime.  We recommend their services.

   Wes Jones
 IT Director
 Classic Home
 Los Angeles, CA


Consistency, Quality, Security

Consistency. We know our assets are monitored 24/7 with redundant sources of backup. In today’s time of pandemic and mother nature tantrums, I feel assured that one of our company’s greatest assets is safe.

ADS Consulting Group provides a quality team of engineers.  No matter who answers the phone, I know I have a well-qualified engineer on the line, ready to help. 

ADS Consulting Group’s Team has assisted me in many projects over the years. On some occasions, we’ve teamed with a second vendor as well. 

I’ve always been impressed with their ability to be a leader in the conversation.  They garner respect for their technical expertise. I’m always proud to present ADS Consulting Group as a representative of the Editors Guild.

Lisa Dosch
Exectuive Administrator
Editors Guild
Hollywood CA

Worry-Free IT, Forward-Thinking, Looks Out For Us.

 ADS Consulting Group is always forward-thinking, plans for the future, and ensures we avoid any potential issues with our IT projects.  Other companies that I’ve worked with do not do this as well as ADS Consulting Group. 

 If you want to sleep at night and not worry about your IT issues, then use ADS Consulting Group – their work is exceptional!

 Vincent Mauch

Fisher Holdings
Monrovia, CA


ADS Cloud’s Flexibility, Safety, And Security Helped Us Quickly Pivot During COVID.

 Moving to ADS cloud cut our overhead enough to survive COVID-19! It would have been impossible to have onsite staff manage our network when the pandemic hit.  The ability to quickly move all staff off-site while knowing our servers were safe and secure saved a lot of time, money, and sanity. 

 ADS Consulting Group outperforms in terms of client management. You get a real human with knowledge of your network, which saves time.  You avoid any miscommunication that I’ve experienced with other cloud providers.

 ADS Consulting Group designed our ADS Cloud Service entirely around the way our staff works.  This made the transition seamless and saved our team so much stress.

Travis Takenouchi
IT Manager
Japanese American National Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Secure, Reliable, and Easy to Contact

We like the reliability and the support we get from ADS Consulting Group.  We know our information is secure because it is protected and backed-up hourly.  We know that we can quickly contact ADS Consulting Group. 

ADS Consulting Group responds quickly to any problems, concerns, or questions.  The security of our information and the ability to talk to someone when we need help are the most important things to us.  We like the service that we get in these areas with ADS Consulting Group.


Brad Fujikuni
Director of Finance & Administration
Los Angeles CA

Peace of Mind, ADS Consulting Group Has Our Back

 We have peace of mind that the ADS Consulting Group professionals have got our back when it comes to IT.  Having ADS Consulting Group as a partner is essential, considering identity theft, theft of personal data, and the liability associated with that data. ADS Consulting Group provides professional, intelligent services, stays on top of current issues such as the latest viruses or hacking.  This gives us peace of mind.


Howard Hovivian
Maginnis Knechtel & McIntyre
Pasadena,  CA

A Single Source For Your IT Solutions, Avoid The Cost of On-premise Servers, 24x7 support

With ADS Consulting Group, all of our IT solutions are in one place.   ADS Consulting Group is like an in-house IT department – just as responsive but without full-time people's cost.  Utilizing ADS Cloud has dispensed with issues and costs associated with buying, servicing, and upgrading on-premise servers.

ADS Consulting Group's responsiveness is better than others.  Even on weekends, I can get answers to my questions and help with problems.

Consider the glowing testimonial from a tax partner in a CPA firm that requires comprehensive IT resource reliability.  For more than two decades, we are completely satisfied clients of ADS Consulting Group. We've used their ADS Cloud Service since its inception.


Elliot Shell
Maginnis Knechtel & McIntyre, LLP
Pasadena, CA

Always Helpful And Reliable, Even During COVID

We’re thankful that ADS Consulting Group is always available to help us out with all the recent disruptions.  Especially during these quarantine days, it is such a relief to know that we can always reach out and receive the service we need to keep our business running.  Consistent service regardless of the environment.


My Vuong
MYNG architects
Santa Monica CA

They Worry About IT, We Focus On What We Do Best.

ADS Consulting Group maintains our network so we can focus on what we do best.  Excellent customer service when it comes to any issue.  Issues are quickly and correctly handled the first time. Their team has vast knowledge about our network, which helps them quickly address any issues.  I do not have to spend my time getting them up to speed on what our network needs.

I like the preplanning that addresses our needs with timelines and estimates to address critical issues.  Their ability to explain in simple terms what could happen if I do not follow through is extremely valuable. 

You do not look for bargains when you need brain surgery, the same goes for your network and its importance in your business's day-to-day functions. 


Chris Sugai
Niner Bikes
Fort Collins, CO

Customized Solutions, Positions Us For Long Term Success, Extension Of Our Team

ADS Consulting Group is a knowledgeable partner who collaborates with our engineers and positions us for long term success.  ADS Consulting Group provides the expertise when we need it. 

ADS Consulting Group digs in to provide designs, solutions, and advice based on your working environment rather than delivering a cookie-cutter solution.  They provide the support and insight we need to achieve long term success.

With other firms, you can get a contract for a job.  With ADS Consulting Group, you get a seasoned and brilliant partner who will come through for you when you need them.  They get to know your company’s needs and become an extension of your team.

Craig Parrish
IT Cyber Security Architect
Palomar Health
Escondido, CA

Easy To Reach, Expertise, On-Time, Under Budget

 In the 15 years I’ve worked with ADS Consulting Group, they have allowed me to reduce my stress level and feel confident that the solution is just a phone call away if I run into any IT-related problems. As a full time IT professional with over 20 years of experience, I have a good grasp of most issues. When I hit a roadblock, ADS Consulting Group has always been there for me.

I partner with many vendors, including ADS Consulting Group, on multiple projects.  ADS Consulting Group is consistently at the top to understand requirements, develop a plan to meet our objectives, and deliver a completed project on time and within budget.  We never had a surprise with an incomplete, delayed, or over-budget project. I wish I could say that about all of my technology partners.

My first project with ADS Consulting Group was a network evaluation. I took a chance on a small, low-risk project. It turned into a 15 year (so far) partnership. It’s one of the best investments in IT I have ever made.


Kirk Woloshyn
Senior Systems and Infrastructure Administrator
QuikPick Express
Los Angeles, CA


Seamless Transaction, Zero Downtime, Hire Them Now!

We had a Seamless transition moving to ADS Cloud and zero downtime.  We avoided costly replacement of obsolete servers and were able to deploy that capital to other projects.  The ADS Consulting Group Team handles EVERYTHING.  Start to finish.  We didn’t have to lift a finger.  

Since moving our IT support/services to ADS Cloud, we have had ZERO downtime.  This is mission-critical in that our business has multiple facilities in two countries and numerous people working remotely.  Hire them now!

Toby Noblin

San Diego, CA

Peace of Mind, Reliability, Safety

The peace of mind and reliability of the ADS Cloud Service is remarkable.  In today’s tumultuous business and economic environment, there is an absolute necessity for safety and reliability.  How could a business not take its online presence and data security with the utmost seriousness? 

Their customer support is unparalleled.  These are the reasons we use ADS Consulting Group and their ADS Cloud Service.


Rodney Mollura
Executive Vice President
Vinyl Technology
Monrovia, CA

Reliable, Fast Response.  Why Use Anyone Else?

 ADS Consulting Group is always professional and reliable when we have questions or concerns about our IT needs.  Compared to other IT firms, ADS Consulting Group is always prompt with any request.  We get speedy help, and they resolve our IT issues quicker than the other IT firms.

 We have used ADS for more than three years, are pleased with their service, and not once have we thought about using someone else.

Cesar Guzman
IT Specialist
Vinyl Technology
Monrovia, CA

No More Worries About Hardware Failures, Maintenance, Patching

Virtual IT Consulting is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that partners with ADS Consulting Group and ADS Cloud to provide services for their clients. 

No worries about onsite hardware failures of client’s servers.  No worries about VMware, SAN security, patching, upgrading, rebooting, paying for VMware support.  No worries about backup and Disaster Recovery.

Our clients just grab a laptop and logon into the cloud network in the event of a localized disaster.  We don’t have to restore servers locally.  We don’t worry about slow restores from another cloud backup vendor and hope that a restore will work.

ADS Consulting Group and ADS Cloud are always available.  Their highly skilled team knows our client’s infrastructure.  We don’t have to explain anything, and we are not alone on an island

The design, support, and maintenance of these cloud services require a high skill set.  ADS Consulting Group has the necessary skill set and will invest the time to ensure you have the right solution.  Often they will ask questions you didn’t even think to ask.  They provide answers to the right questions.  ADS Consulting Group and ADS Cloud are a tremendous resource for our clients.


Marc Tamarin
Virtual IT Consulting
Westlake Village, CA


Customized Cloud Servers, Seamless Migration, Excellent Support

ADS Cloud is customized to match our on-premise servers.  No additional training was required for our team after the migration to ADS Cloud.  On Friday, we went home from an office with a server room full of computers and returned to work on Monday with an empty server room, and nobody knew the difference.  The migration was seamless with no down time or loss of productivity.

Unlike other providers who impose their modes of operation on the user , ADS Consulting Group focuses on each users’s requirements to deliver a customized solution.  If you choose AWS or Azure and something goes wrong or needs to be changed, who are you going to call?  I know four human beings at ADS Cloud that know our exact setup, so I don’t have to explain our situation every time we ask for support.

Contact them today if you need a customer-focused and reliable cloud provider!


Tim Groff
Wolff Urban
Los Angeles, CA