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New Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Service!

Use our Secure Cloud as your Backup Target and Disaster Recovery Strategy! Leverage both local backup with replication to our secure Cloud. Get the best of both worlds. Fast local restores with the ability to restore from our secure Cloud or start your replicated VMs in our Secure Cloud Service. When your backups are replicated to our Secure Cloud, they are stored both online on disk and offline to tape. Read More...

New Veeam Office365 Backup Service!

Microsoft recommends a secondary backup for all your Office 365 data. We offer point in time restores, recovery of deleted mailboxes, custom retention periods and offline backups to keep your Office 365 data safe. Sign up now for our Office 365 Backup service to ensure you can always recover your valuable data. Read More...

Cable Routing Tool - On Sale Now!

We created this tool to route cables in our ADS Cloud Server Rack. When you don’t have side rack access, routing cables can be frustrating. Check out this tool and visit our online store! We sell our very own premium IT tools that make an IT Professional's job easy!

​IT Services And Managed IT Support - Serving Clients In Los Angeles And The U.S.

Your productivity is suffering. Team members have started murmering amongst themselves and management is taking notice. This has led to some difficult conversations with key people on your team. 

And they all keep pointing back at your computer equipment. If you're stuck in the pain of running out of storage or not being able to find files that you KNOW you have - or if you think your data is at risk and need to get up to today's cyber-security standards, it might be time to call ADS. We've been in business for 30 years and have the experience you need on your side to get your productivity where it needs to be, along with the peace of mind that you're getting the absolute most out of your IT. 

With 24/7 support, our nimble team is hungry to help... and we're smart. We'll bring the perfect solution to the pains your business is facing, or we'll die trying. 

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