1. 100% Uptime
    • Uninterrupted access to your company's critical information. Since 2013 our Cloud Service has 100% uptime!
  2. Backup is included
    • Backup is included in our monthly service. We backup hourly during business hours, daily to disk, and daily to tape. Weekly we perform an additional backup that is stored off site on an eight week rotation. Optionally we can replicate your data to our other data center.
  3. Worry Free IT
    • We can manage some or all of your servers in our Cloud. We handle backup, hardware maintenance, licensing, cooling and power requirements, so you don't have to.

  4. End to End Visibility
    • We own the entire infrastructure so you have a single point of contact to quickly and efficiently resolve any issue.

  5. Flexibility
    • We support your specific company's requirements that other cloud vendors may not accommodate.
  6. Redundancy
    • All resources that run production servers are fully redundant. This keeps your company up and running even when there is a hardware failure. We closely monitor our Cloud Infrastructure and address any issues before they cause you downtime.

  7. Hosted at Switch Los Vegas and Switch Reno
    • Our Cloud Service is hosted in Switch Las Vegas and Switch Reno two of the best Co-Location facilities on the planet. Your information is kept safe and secure at this facility. We’ve visited every Co-Location facility in the greater San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Switch Las Vegas and Switch Reno are clear standouts. We wanted a facility that was far enough away from Los Angeles (to avoid natural disasters like earthquakes), yet close enough to Los Angeles to drive in an emergency. Las Vegas is one of the safest locations in the United States in terms of natural disasters. All guards are armed and they have over 50 WAN providers in their facility.

  8. Security
    • Your servers run in a private Virtual Data Center that is separated from other companies. We only allow secure encrypted connections to ensure your information is kept safe and confidential.