Godaddy ​Domain Forwarding does not work when using a Sonicwall Firewall.  Domain Forwarding is typically used to redirect a user to a different website when they type in a URL in a browser.  The redirect will work on a Smart Phone or other computer that is not behind a Sonicwall firewall. 
By default the Sonicwall enables TCP Packet Sequence Randomization which causes the Domain Forwarding service to break.  To fix it:
  1. Login into the IP address of the firewall.
  2. Go to <firewall_ip_address>/diag.html
  3. Click on Internal Settings.
  4. Clear the checkbox: "Enable TCP sequence number randomization"
  5. Scroll up and click Accept.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Reboot the firewall.
Verify you can now access a Domain forwarded address.  Note that servers behind the firewall will be slightly more susceptible to OS fingerprinting by disabling TCP Sequence Randomization.

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