SimpliVity Saves the Day (Again)
Yesterday, I received a panicked call from one of our clients. He cleaned up some disk space on their Enterprise Resources and Planning (ERP) server, and some production data was accidentally deleted. This caused their ERP package to crash.

Fortunately, they have a vSphere HPE SimpliVity Cluster that backs up their Virtual Machines every 30 minutes. Based on the timestamp of the folder, it appeared that the files were deleted around 4:05 p.m. I reviewed the SimpliVity backups that were available for that ERP server, and there was a backup of the VM that ran at 4:00 p.m. – just before the accidental deletion of the files. For a file-level restore, SimpliVity has a maximum limit of 32GB. In this case, they weren't sure how many files were involved, so we decided to restore the entire VM instead of performing a file-level restore. With SimpliVity, you can restore an entire VM in seconds (it took about 10 seconds) regardless of the VM's size. We were able to successfully restore the VM and get them back up and running in a few minutes. The client was VERY HAPPY!

We also run SimpliVity in our ADS Cloud Service. A few years ago, we received a call from one of our ADS Cloud Clients, a CPA firm. During tax season, one of the partners accidentally deleted all of the tax information for a client. Before migrating to ADS Cloud, we informed the client that we backed up hourly and could quickly restore data. After determining the best restore point, we were able to restore all of the client's deleted data in a few minutes. The client was THRILLED to get back their deleted files.

The ability to restore a VM in seconds regardless of its size is one of the best features of SimpliVity. It's saved our SimpliVity and ADS Cloud clients countless hours of work and lost productivity. The thought of restoring a large server (>1tb) without SimpliVity is an intimidating task and may require six hours to a day or more depending on the speed of your infrastructure. With SimpliVity, the restore takes seconds, not hours, not days. For more information about SimpliVity or our ADS Cloud Service, please send an email to or call us at (310)541-8584 x 100.

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