Controlled Unclassified Information Compliance

Does your company work with the United States Federal Government? If you're a small business that is a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor you've probably been notified that you must be Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Compliant by 12/31/17 or risk losing your Federal Contracts. To become compliant we first perform a network review to determine what is required to bring you into compliance. After the review is complete we will give you cost estimates for each recommendation and implement the infrastructure changes to bring you into compliance.

Disaster Recovery

Does your company have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan? Is it up to date?  Is it tested?  How often do you replicate your data?  Was the last replication successful?  Have you proved you can failover?  The Ultimate DR Test involves failing over to the DR site, reversing replication flow, running for a week and then failing back to the production site.  We can help your company create, maintain and test a DR plan to gracefully recover from any disaster.  An up to date DR Playbook ensures that multiple IT Administrators can perform a DR failover.  Call us today to learn how you can replicate to your DR Site every 15 minutes!

IT Outsourcing and Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With a combination of sound network design, remote monitoring, secure remote access and regular maintenance, we can be your IT department. We provide the same level of response as an internal IT department at a significantly lower cost. We give you the flexibility of running your servers on premise or in cloud. Your servers are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monitoring allows us to proactively address any issues before they cause downtime. Let us take the worry out of IT so you can focus on your business.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

In 2016 it took over 200 days to discover a network compromise.  We install a Network Monitor that gathers firewall and other critical device logs, tracks network activity, looks for any network threats and generates alarms that are sent to our secure centralized monitoring server.  We review all Alarms and respond with the appropriate actions based on the nature of the Alarm.    The MSSP is a monthly service.  We handle the installation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance and quickly respond to any threats to keep your network safe. 

A Needs Analysis is a crucial first step before selecting an Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) package.  A Needs Analysis will clearly define the requirements of the new system, current processes, reporting requirements and functionality.  A Needs Analysis saves money by clearly identifying requirements before, not after the package is implemented.  Key people in your company are interviewed to ensure that the ERP requirements are identified and prioritized.  The Needs Analysis is used to streamline the package selection process and assist during the ERP implementation process.

Network Physical

We recommend performing a Network Physical for any new client.  During this review we will document your current network and review all of your critical IT infrastructure.  After gathering this information, we will analyze it and provide a prioritized list of suggestions with an estimated cost for each item.  The suggestions will improve your IT Infrastructure's backup, restore, security, performance, stability, lower cost of ownership, scalability and reliability.  Make sure that your IT Infrastructure is aligned with the requirements of your business with a solid design that can accommodate your company's requirements now and in the future.

Remote Server Monitoring

We have the ability to securely and remotely monitor your servers.  This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive and address any issues that can cause downtime.  We have the ability to monitor a server's CPU, memory, disk space, processes, and events.  Remote Server Monitoring is usually an integrated part of IT Outsourcing.  Instead of a client notifying us that a server is down, we receive alerts, connect to the server with a secure connection and address the problem before it causes downtime.  Clients that use this service have significant improvements in up time.

Security Review

Similar to a Network Physical Review, a Security Review reviews your Network Infrastructure with an emphasis on security.  We feel that any infrastructure project should have all security components integrated into the design rather than added on as an afterthought.  Let us find your security vulnerabilities and address them before a hacker finds and exploits them.  We recommend a Security Review before implementing our Managed Security Service Program to ensure that your network infrastructure is optimized to maximize the Network Monitor's effectiveness.