Beware of Tricky Relevant Phishing Email Messages

Some Phishing Emails are floating around that are particularly tricky.  They typically deal with the following subjects:


  1. Payroll Protection Program (PPP).  Quite a few companies have applied for a PPP loan and forgiveness of that loan.  Many fake phishing emails attempt to trick you into clicking on a link, downloading an attachment, or entering confidential information.  They are typically related to the Loan Forgiveness Process or other PPP related matter.  As a general rule, DO NOT open these emails.  Study them carefully, hover over any link to see where they will take you (usually over a cliff), review the sender, recipient, and any other clues that the message is fake.  If it didn't come from your bank or, it's probably fake.  If you're not sure, contact your bank or directly to confirm that the message is legitimate.
  2. Covid Vaccines.  We've seen numerous emails claiming you can get a vaccine early, pay to "jump" the line, or other methods and promises to get vaccinated early.  Do NOT click on any of these emails.  Instead, go to or other reputable web sites to get information about the availability of vaccinations in your area.

Hackers are aware that people are concerned, stressed, and may let their guard down during the pandemic.  This is the perfect opportunity for these phishing campaigns to be more effective.  Make sure to pause and review the email.  If you have any doubts, delete the email and contact the resource directly.  Stay safe, everyone!


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