New Ransomware Variant Popcorn Time Rewards Spreading of Malware

There's a new Ransomware variant called Popcorn time which will give the victim decryption keys if:

  1. The victim shares a link with two other users.
  2. The other two victims pay the Ransom.
  3. Popcorn time will send the decryption keys "free of charge" to the original user.

So users infected with Popcorn time can get their decryption keys by spreading the Popcorn time Ransomware – pretty devious.  Popcorn time claims the people behind the Ransomware are computer science students from Syria and all of the proceeds will go to aid victims of the Syrian war.

As with all Malware, have the proper anti-virus, firewall, email filtering, backups and other security measures in place to avoid paying the Ransom. 

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