SimpliVity File Level Restore Fails

When we attempted to perform a file level restore (FLR), we received an error on the OVC of  When you perform an FLR, SimpliVity creates an ISO containing the restored files (as long as you have fewer than 32GB to restore) that is mounted on the Virtual Machine (VM).  Then you can copy over the restored files to any folder on the target VM.  Evidently there is a limit of 103 characters for the full path of the file.  The path and file name of the file we were attempting to restore was longer than 103 characters.  Here's a workaround:

  1. Attempt to restore the file with the long path and file name – this will fail.
  2. Restore a "dummy" file with a short name that is located on the root of the same drive as the "real" file you want to restore.  This should succeed.
  3. Review the contents of the ISO that was mounted on the VM.  In our case both the "dummy" and the "real" were on the ISO so we just copied over the necessary file.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to restore the entire VM in an isolated network, copy over the files to a different location and then move them over to the production VM.


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